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About The Mortician
Just a few things about me
First I am not a licsened Funeral Director or embalmer ,Although I have been in the funeral business for almost 17 years,
I am married with 4 children and live in Florida.Originaly from Lexington, Kentucky My wife is from somerset Kentucky (we are proud of that )My family is from eastern Kentucky
I have been employed at the present firm i am with for almost 9 years .
And I am trained and certified on 3 types of cremation retorts The crawford c-1000, The I.E.E
enter-tek and the I.E.E power-pakt 2
*Someone e-mailed me the other day and claimed that they got RIPPED OFF while making Funeral arrangements. Here is my advice ! when making arrangments do not purchase funeral goods with grief use your head in simple terms do not over extend your budget!!purchase ONLY ! what you can afford !

My Favorite author is Patricia Cornwell ( she is awsome So patricia if you are ever on here PLEASE E-MAIL ME !!!) I am also a very BIG Dale Earnhardt fan ...

This site was made to help people understand the funeral proffession
I enjoy helping people understand the funeral business , It still amazes me that allot of people know nothing about funerals and death ,
so I designed this site to help people with things they do not understand , And answer questions that they do not know who to ask .

The Mortician

Email Me Here !!!