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This is were I will post your memorials you can e-mail them to me at themortician@cfl.rr.com
Send me a brief memorial of someone close to you that you have lost and I will try to post it as soon as possible
* (Please Note that some memorials are mine and some are from other people so some may seem similar)*

Dale Earnhardt 1951-2001

James J.D. Dixon (You are missed Brother)
Kenny (Kirby) Dixon (he never met a stranger)

Renee Combs (She Died a tragic death at a young age)

Tera Cevera ( another young tragedy)

John Anthony Bompadre January 28, 1933-September 25, 1995 I miss You Dad, Love Gina

  Raymond H. Gaese (My Brother)
Maude(MEM) And(Daddy) Lee Belcher ( My Grandparents)

Carl E. Farley ( Uncle Carl The kindest uncle you could ever want to know )

Phillip (Uncle Phil) Fox (he was my Hero)
Ellen Ellison (Granny Ellison)

Otis E.Fox (granpa Fox Man could he Hunt)
Byron Fox (My Cousin)

Louie Scalise 1923-2000 His Family was his life
Michelle(Shelly)Lynch (She was one of a kind)

Bill Lynch He was a great man

Charles E.Bragg (1955-1998) (Loveing father, Husband & Friend) * IF LIFE CAN BE SAVED THROUGH ORGAN TRANSPLANTATION MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE **
Marie A. Brennen (1929-1982)(Most beloved Mother Sadly missed by her favorite son mark)

Delores Frazier (October 6,1936-February 9, 2000)
The Best Mother , Friend and Sister anyone could Have.
Who went to fast and much to soon .
Wyliette Frazier

~In Loving Memory Of~

Hilda Winifred Molyneux

January 18, 1929-December 24, 1997

Loyal Wife of Ted Loving mother of Anne, Jane & peter.Grandmother of Charlene , Alison & Paul.
A Lifelong fan Of Tranmre Rovers FC.
"You'll never walk alone"

Jeanette Dudley

Claude And Bertha Hayes (they taught me about GOD)
Walter Uremovic (he was a great person who faught a very hard fight and finally lost)