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The Morticians Favorite Links:

Below are my Favorite links :
If you have a favorite website send it to me ,
and i will try to add it to my links page.

Be sure to send the correct html address when submiting web sites to me ,Thanxs The Mortician

FLAMING TEXT This is were I got my logo they are the best
FIND-A-DEATH This is my home away from home (A BiG thanks to scott for all your help....
Angels In Filth This is a very beautiful site , with allot of good things to see , also a winner of The Morticians award for excellence.
InfoSeekGO Network is a new brand that brings together the very best of the Internet in one, easy to use place.

The cosmic goddessA web site I built , and some great hand made jewelery
NorthSky.comNorth Sky develops and markets technology and tools that facilitate interaction on the Web. To date, these tools include free web site networks, free email, and instant messaging. We combine our tools with an innovative domain name scheme and proprietary network architecture that provides unlimited scalability.
Death related weblinksIf you are looking for death related things this is the place to go Its all here!!!!
Find-A-Grave This is were you will see you favorite celebs. Graves
Youre outta here Just a very cool site check this one out !!!!
cozmik realm My best friend steves place !!!!
"GOTHIC TOMB" A photographic exploration of Historical ,Beautiful Forgotton graveyards, focusing in the southeastern United States ( THIS IS A VERY NICE WEBSITE )
Audrey frances pierce-bancroft There are some really nice pictures on this site
some of which are posted on my site (thanks audrey)

Mr.Murder This is a Cool site , And very well built as well as easy to navigate , if you like murder mystery , and Mob related Items you will enjoy this site !