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The Morticians Pictures

These are some of my favorite pictures some of mine and some sent to me
These pictures take awhile to load but are well worth the wait.

Some Mortician related some just funny.

My Newest banner , Thanks Robyn

There is 4 of Annes pictures they are spectacular

This is my favorite of all of Annes Work !

This is Annes work from the message board

This is one of The Mortician Friend Tom's Originals

These were taken in england by Anne (Great work Anne)

More of Tom's Work

To reach Tom mail him at Gntlgnt66@cs.com

How do you like his middle name ?

This is one of mine !!

Simple But powerful statement.

This is very nice !

This is an Urn made from an original piston from a ww2 B-17bomber aircraft engine it belongs to a good friend (the Image was slightly altered by Night shade Graphic designs)

I thought this was nice

This looks old !

I sometimes think I can hear these talk !

is'nt this beautiful

February 18th The Day Nascar Died ! I miss you Dale

This is an authentic picture of abe lincoln in his casket

This says it All ! This is from Night shade Graphics ( thank you Belladonna ) she knew what Dale meant to Me !

He was the Greatest ! this is also from Nightshade

This is an old Full Couch ( sent By Jeff Thanks )

This is serene

Heaven's Car Thanks Belladonna

Our Anne-Marie Westlake !!!!

If you are on the message board this is Forren6 aka Bridget

And Jeff

yours Truley at Jim Varney's Grave In Lexington, Kentucky

This is Robyn Click her picture and visit her site ! (Aka Belladonna)

Ladyofdrkness13 AkA" Lisa"