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This is some of The Mortician's Favoriite Links Please visit these you will not be disapointed !

Twilight Haven ( this is The Mortician's Favorite Site )
The Mortician Friend Belladonna site .
She is also Known as Nightshade Graphics she is responsible for many of the graphics on my site as well as she can build what ever you want done for your site , go by and see her !!
This is a very nice site!!
This is the counts site ! Very well constructed .
And the count is a good friend to The Mortician.
so visit his place !!
Find A Death
What can I say , Scott you are the best !!!
Thanks for all the Help !
City Morgue Gift Shop !(what a cool place)
This is really a great site and if you go look around on there my picture is there..Thanks Mike !!
Celebrity Collectables
This is a great site !
From Autopsy reports to Divorce files it is here !!

Thanks Ted !!!
If you want to see the grave of a celebrity ,
This is the place to go they have them all !!!

Thanks Jim !!
Grave Intentions
This is a very cool site! and also the creator of my award please visit this site ....

This is one of the best sites I have ever seen and a must see !!